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Heart Conscious Living in August 2016 : Finding the comfort
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August 2016 issue...
  • Finding Your Own Path In Difficult Times
  • Planetary Energy Report For August 2016: Maintaining comfort
  • Visualization For August 2016: Creating comfort
  • Special News
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A Meditation For The Month
The more I can make a person comfortable in their environment by taking my ego's hat off and leaving it at the door, then they can dive deep within themselves and we can pull out something interesting that people have never heard before.
Read more at: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/p/pharrellwi592038.html?src=t_comfortable

The more I can make a person comfortable in their environment by taking my ego's hat off and leaving it at the door, then they can dive deep within themselves and we can pull out something interesting that people have never heard before.

Pharell Williams, Musician (Brainy Quote)

Extra visualizations for August

Anchoring the Light
Releasing fear of change

Strengthening your trust in your personal decisions
Moving through the dark pass for resistant subpersonalities

Soul creativity
Stepping into the safety of a beautiful world
Receiving support of mass conscious energy: World healing

For newcomers

Using the monthly energy report

This newsletter is designed to help you work more comfortably with the changes occurring on Earth at this time. Each month has a general theme, which is indicated in the title to the reports. The theme is not intended to be a benchmark for achievement, but indicates what main opportunity for self-growth is most available that month. Each person will respond to that opportunity in ways unique to her or him. There is no common standard to be achieved. Please read reports in that light.

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Child in tent: Andreindy3

Finding Your Own Path In Difficult Times
Suzie St George

The Siramarti Personal Growth Process is differentiated from other self growth avenues in that it is designed, not only to alleviate difficulties, but to permanently alter the way a person responds to challenges. Over time, the consciousness-changing techniques lead to a stronger, more loving and evolved personality. The resonance of inner love brings with it a safety and security that cannot be achieved through fear or self-righteous retaliation for wrongs done. It is this less travelled path that is a far more certain means of getting to the top of the hill than following the known way.
But stepping on your own path of love is always created in the moment, and this involves uncertainty. How do you know that the step you have chosen is the right one?
In difficult times when challenges are thick and fast, the effectiveness of a choice to handle a uncomfortable situation depends on whether you experience relief, greater ease or comfort as a result of your decision. The questions to ask yourself are: Does the step I have taken, or plan to take, feel soft underfoot? Does the process or situation which I find myself feel like a cold and muddy slog or a road strewn with sharp stones? Does it feel as if I am teetering on a high wire?
If the answer is negative, a change in your approach is necessary. But this change does not have to be uncomfortable or dramatic. The ability to adjust the path underfoot little by little so that it gradually becomes easier increases your power to make your whole life work because each step is self-loving.
Knowing how to recover comfort when the path is unpleasant depends primarily on being self-aware and honest with yourself. These two inner states also help you decide whether it is most comfortable to remove the rocks on your path or whether seeking a gentler, more discerning track through pleasant fields will make the journey easier.
When times are difficult, the usual temptation is to try to remove the rocks forcefully, even brutally. But these are the very times when the obstacles will be too heavy to shift. And what is worse, by focusing on them your ability to see a way around them narrows. You become fixated on the problem, self-punishing, furious or hopeless. Your emotional resilience nose-dives.
This is why it is critical during major challenges to make sure you do not go down a drama path, that you use the visualizations to Anchor the Light and Disentangling from other's energy from discomfort (See How to stay calm in a changing world) and then choose your own way to recalling the particular type of love you need at that moment.
  • Do you need an emotionally pleasurable experience right now? What would that be?
  • Does your body want to relax and enjoy itself? In what way?
  • What form of mental distraction from worries would give relief?
  • Is now the time to you remind yourself of all the things you are grateful for?
  • Would re-connection with nature refresh and balance you?
  • Is now the time to use inner work to provide upliftment of the whole self?
Planetary Energy Report For August 2016: Finding the comfort and balance
Fiona McDougall

August will be a month in which maintaining the ability to stay comfortably balanced through self-loving, grounded action will be important. Each aspect of the self will need to be addressed. It is a time for nurturing and caring for your whole self, your home, your soul and others.
Emotionally the energy is turbulent, and mentally it will be hard to find solutions. What directions you should take will not be clear. It will be hard to move things forward, so take things slowly and patiently. The body itself can easily remain buoyant provided you give it both physical and emotional warmth.
Overall, during August you will need to make a definite choice to turn away your attention from difficulties and focus on seeking pleasurable experiences that gives warmth and emotional comfort. Look for uplifting, illuminating and problem-solving ways to relieve discomfort.
The higher self will require you to keep clearing your energy field of discord, and to use protection strategies regularly to help to lead you towards a lighter, brighter September.

Visualization for maintaining comfort in August 2016

This simple visualization depends on your ability to conjure up a sense of comfort. Begin by reminding yourself what physical comfort is like by ensuring that you are warm, well supported and protected before you proceed.

Close your eyes and imagine that you are in a little tent in any pleasurable environment.
Your tent feels enclosed, warm and filled with light. There is comforting food, warm clothing, cushions and blankets.
Take time to add details that will increase the sense of comfort and emotional ease.
When your tent is set up fully, sit within it and absorb its energy into your body for as long as you wish.

Optional extra to be used when you feel like it:

When you have completed the absorption of comfort energy in the visual above, imagine that you are now looking down in a bird’s eye view of the world. You see a myriad of tents of light glowing across the world.

Special News

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