• Silver Membership 6 Months

    Silver Membership 6 Months

    100.00 AUD

    Silver Membership for 6 months is recommended for people who wish to continue to expand their consciousness using the Siramarti techniques in preparation for Gold level work.


    A minimum of 6 months study as Silver level is required before Gold level work becomes effective.

  • Gold Membership 6 Months

    Gold Membership 6 Months

    100.00 AUD

    At Gold level you learn how to strengthen and balance your whole self: mind, body, emotional and intuitive insights. This expansion leads to improved relationships and working life. You can also find new directions to create the life your spirit really wants.


    Gold membership is only available to those independent Siramarti students who have studied at Silver Level for a minimum of 12 months or private clients who are recommended by their mentors.


  • Loyalty Membership Annual

    Loyalty Membership Annual

    100.00 AUD

    This discounted annual subscription is available for those independent Siramarti students who have studied the Siramarti Process for a minimum of three years and who wish to continue to use the material.

    It is also available for participants in regular monthly workshops or private clients who have worked with a qualified Siramarti mentor for a minimum of 9 months provided that she or he recommends this level of study.


    Discuss this option with your facilitator or mentor.



  • Family Membership Annual

    Family Membership Annual

    220.00 AUD

    Family Membership Annual is available for Loyalty Membership couples who wish to allow access to the material for their children aged 16 to 21 years, or 25 years for full-time students.


    Note carefully: Family membership does not permit access to Soul Creativity level. Soul Creativity memberships are available for individuals only.


  • Soul Creativity Members Annual

    Soul Creativity Members Annual

    125.00 AUD

    This membership permits access to our advanced work for those working directly with us on professional issues and who have worked with Gold material for a minimum of 12 months.



    If you are eligible and wish to apply, email your request to fiona@reachpotential.com.au who will supply you with access details. 

    Successful applicants will receive an invitation to join this site.